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Training and Placement

Training and placement

The primary aim of any professional course is to enable the students undergoing it to get gainfully employed. In order that the students are well placed and excel in their field of endeavour – so as to boost the brand image of the college/university – it is essential that the students are trained on certain finer aspects of soft skills.

The major soft skills training needs of students undergoing various professional courses (as identified by our experts over a period of 5 years, on the basis of their interaction with the corporate managers and the students) are:

Dream Building
Goal Setting
Attitudes and Techniques for Success
Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal Skills
Time Management

How to READ Better and Faster
How to WRITE Better and Faster
How to MEMORIZE Better and Faster
How to make NOTES Better and Faster
Verbal Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Non-Verbal (Body Language) Communication Skills
Listening Skills

Choosing a Career
How to Hunt for a Job
Making Great Resumes and Designing Cover Letters
Power Dressing
Body Language at Interviews
Answering Frequently Asked Questions
Group Discussions
Follow Up Procedures

Corporate Culture
Meetings and Mannerisms
Team Building
Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
Business Correspondence
Presentation Skills
Dealing with Irate Customers
Customized Programmes
We conduct training progammes on the above mentioned soft skills for the students of colleges and universities. The programmes consist of some of the above mentioned skills along with any other soft skills that you m

Polish Your Persona & Get Hired!
We have specially designed (and most sought for) module on pre-placement skills entitled ‘POLISH YOUR PERSONA AND GET HIRED!’ which consists of the most critical skills needed for placement. In case you would like to have a look at the contents of the programme, kindly press on the link under Related Information.

What the Participating Students Say

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1 day workshops to 2 months detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating students. In case you would like to see the comments of some of the participating students please click on the link under Related Information.

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